X Factor Video Slots

Big and bigger, bet you its better, this game is something you are going to have blast with. It is time for the factor, The X- Factor. Electracade -The provider of this game is enjoying its popularity and success with their new online gaming slot. Over millions of fan following, it globally describes its guarantee to provide maximum entertainment. It’s availability in many online bingo sites have added to its popularity and success. Everyone who has heard about this game just wants to be a part of it. Even Bingo fans are now catching the X-Factor fever, thanks to the best quality online gaming with the brilliant branding.

For all those who want to have an ultimate experience, the X- factor slot machine gaming has brought some real good stuff by using the themed music along with the background music in a pretty good format for the players.. This game has various stages along with the hard to impress audience and judges; this is very similar to the one on T.V.

So sit back relax and spin the reel; It is a five reel, 20 lines slot machine gaming, there is a minimum stake of ten pence per line,’ Have you got what it takes?’ are some slogans shown along with the details of the game with sound and quality control. Other features like judge’s bonus, auto spin, and live final game are also provided.

You can also have an option to practice by using free spins and prepare yourself for the real game; but none of the winning will be taken into consideration, in any consequence. A story! For an online video slot game! Amazing isn’t it?

The game’s pretty to easy to play once you get familiar with the rules. The bonus round is purely depended on the imprecision that is made on the judge. The number of reels the better it goes for you. You can forget the bonus round if at all you get booted by the 1st judge. Now that’s what you call as the X- Factor effect! This further takes on the actual X-factor bonus, you need to make sure that you cross a minimum of three boot camps. To collect the maximum wagered on the qualifying wins, free spins are offered to Bingo players as a reward.

To maximize the fun and the gaming experience you can use it. Of the X factor slot machine, they also let you avail a Live Finale Bonus round which also takes into consideration the bonus that you made on the boot camp. To gain free spins, the player needs to try to collect as many star symbol signs as possible, when they are playing the Boot Camp round. In order to qualify for the live finale bonus, a person needs to get 10 starts when they are playing their free spins.

So come enjoy the factor of the X factor video slot as it is a game that you must try as it is exciting, fun and gives you chances of winning big money