Grail Maiden Slot game review

Grail maiden has successfully launched their new game ‘All Pay’. The company promises some fun with this particular product of theirs. What makes it more irresistible is the developers are Vegas Technology. They decided to opt for a theme of the medieval time with, Kings, Queens, and Aces, having backdrop of maidens and knights. These kinds of games are popular for quite some time now and are very common in Casinos of Las Vegas.

It is a 5 reel, video slot, which consists of scatter symbols such that they seem to pay in probably any position that they could finish with. When the set is hit with a higher point value the grail are converted into staked wild, which is used for free spins. Except for scatter symbols the entire spin series move to pay from left to right. The scatter symbols are the only one, which is allowed to pay in any position. Let’s take for instance; if a knight is positioned on the first reel, and the Grail is positioned anywhere in reel 2, 3 or 4, along with the Maiden appearing on reel five, the Grail feature is said to be triggered. As the game reaches the above status, all the wins need to be paid out. On this, the Grail symbol gets expand, and the whole reel thing fills up over which it falls. If the game is won in such a way then, ten games at absolutely no cost will be provided, and the grail in the game will be held outside, throughout the series of those ten games.

This helps in not one achieving wins through the spin, but also through the bonus rounds. The options to bet are 25, 50, 75, and 100 or you can even opt for maximum credits, with this 5-cent slot game. It is a very entertaining package for big boys, come, what, may.

The software used to design this game is brilliant and smooth too, which is important and which most slot games online lack. The software provided b the company is wonderful and has all the necessary details required to install and update this.

These games are most popular at super slot casinos. Super slot casinos have wide range of games available precisely eighty-five slot games. The player’s personal data is kept confidential so the security is brilliant. There is nothing innovative about the new All Pay of Grail Maiden. Though the game remains the same it is all that it is presented in completely new fashion; with better visual and sound effects. Audio to be more precise is far better. There are few more aspects of the Grail Maiden, which is worth appreciating. The best part about the game is that the new All Pay has a feature of enabling its all-243 pay lines in one go. There are only a few aspects, which disappoint; one it does not have an availability of multiplying payouts at the normal levels and lack of bonus level in the second screen.