Sea Captain Video Slot

Amongst the many famous online casino games is the widely popular Sea Captain video slot, which I am going to review in the article below. MAKER – Like other magnificent online casino games, Sea Captain video slot is also powered by the Real Time Gaming (RTG) which provides a very thrilling experience to anyone who plays the game. The software installs some excellent features, which will allow the player a lot of superb options, such as the auto play function, along with the free spins rounds and many other helpful shortcuts provided by the Real Time Gaming software.

DISPLAY – The Sea Captain video slot game is very easy to play, as it is a simple task to learn about the Sea Captain game; the fact is that the game has a user friendly display, with the highest quality of computer graphics, which make the experience very wonderful and attractive to the players. The sound quality is very high too, and the touch that the game gives emphasizes upon the underwater theme and it makes you feel as if you are in the middle of an ocean.

IDEA – The idea that Sea Captain video slot is based on is to give the players a calming and soothing atmosphere of the sea, which can relax you and make you able to enjoy the casino game to the fullest. The Sea Captain video slot gives you the feel that you are really at sea, with the sounds of sailing ships, and other sea creatures coming from within the online slot machine. While playing the Sea Captain video slot, the players have to navigate through the ocean on a fishing boat and lots of marine objects have to be collected, which are designed to rewards. The reason behind all this is to keep the interest level of the players high and to ensure that they are attracted to the game on the whole.

BETTING – Sea Captain video slot has a betting range, which is similar to the other online casino games. The coins which are up for grabs in the Sea Captain game range from 0.01 to 5.00. The reason behind a low limit is to ensure that when you are playing, you do not lose that much, therefore the stakes have been kept pretty low.

JACKPOTS – The jackpots are considerably larger in the Sea Captain video slot game, as compared to any other jackpots offered by other casino games. The biggest jackpot is of 10,000 coins, whereas the 2nd biggest jackpot is limited to 5000 coins. Apart from these two, this game also has a progressing jackpot, which means that you could be able to win a large amount of money while you are playing the Sea Captain video slot game over time. In order to win the progressive jackpot, you neither require betting on any particular denomination of coins nor you need to accomplish any other criteria, you will just get this reward randomly, at any time while you are playing the game.